The LIVS Story

Here at LIVS we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality products directly to your kitchen. From the very start we recognized the large gap between the label and reality. In a world where many false claims are made about the origins or processes from which Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from, we strive to be completely transparent while delivering much more information to our consumers than can be found on a label.

Our critically acclaimed cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is the perfect balance between an age-old-tradition, and a dedication to continual testing and improving of our in-house secret blends.

With neighboring groves being home to trees that date as far back as 5,000 years it is no wonder that our LIVS farmers truly are a family with the expert teachings of the cold-pressed process being hand passed from one generation to the next.

LIVS commits to teach, to build, and to grow together towards a healthier and more conscious world, because we believe that this is the future not just the gourmet food and grocery industry, but for all businesses everywhere

Years ago the thought of a Mediterranean diet to most of the western world would have raised eyebrows. However, as more and more time passes the true benefits of such a diet which is light on the stomach and heavy in nutrients, delivers good bacteria that we need to feel energized, has become evident as the path to becoming our optimal selves.

From the distinct flavors of the Mediterranean we have perfected both our Original and Suri blends over the years. Each blend can be used to compliment different dishes, making for a true mainstay in your kitchen no matter what is on the menu.  

Ultimately, we at LIVS are farmers first. Maintaining and improving the environment is our utmost concern. LIVS olives are irrigated with purified saline water, which is abundant in beneficial nutrients for the land while promoting plant growth in the area. This practice allows us to reduce the region's use of fertilizers and minimize overall carbon footprint.

We love what we do and it's reflected in the quality and flavor of our superior products.

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